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Men these days are gradually losing all intellectuality and the real essence of life in the process of winning a girl’s heart or at least her attention. Yes! As they say “men will be men”, it’s true to the core. A reality, which doesn’t seem to change anytime soon.
Most men these days can only focus upon making a stout body, a six-pack abs, the rigid biceps and I don’t know what else, more to impress a woman than to be fit and look good. Yes, not any special research has to be done in this regard as it’s quite evident from our own personal experience. You all must have a friend who can’t think of anything except maintaining a body carved with muscle cuts and then of course not forgetting to click selfies of his bare body as often as possible. Why? You think it’s just to show what a great fitness freak he is, No!

A person who has never really loved the idea of exercising and looking after the physical body suddenly takes up the idea of joining a gym. There could be two reason, firstly, he must have seen any of his friend or colleague who has got a great body and somewhere he feels that inferiority complex in front of him that’s why he took up the idea of building up a body or secondly, he is trying to gain attention of his female friends or followers on social media, for sure. He feels like building up a heroic body might lure a woman towards him romantically. This is something really ridiculous for a man to even think like that.

Women or rather real women are absolutely not after a man’s body. A woman’s choice of a man is totally dependent on how the man is mentally and emotionally which is ever more than physically. Physical aspect is the last thing which a woman observes in a man and that doesn’t affect her in any way if she likes you already for the kind of individual you are.

So men, if you are into this notion that making up a body, and physically exhausting yourself every day for hours would win a girl’s attention then stop it right away. Don’t challenge your own body for a woman, she really doesn’t care that way.

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