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Stop thinking and your mind will actually start thinking….

The statement looks quite baffling but it essentially is spot-on. Okay, you must have overheard a lot of times that the bathroom is a hub of some great ideas. What do you think is it scientifically correct or it’s just the mind which contemplates that way?

There are a lot more perplexing questions, the answer of which you will discover here.

Quite surprising but yes we tend to get a lot of creative ideas during shower and science also believes in this fact. This is because we tend to stop our thinking process while we are in bathrooms. Our right side of the brain which technically controls the inner speech is not in work. Thus the right side of the brain is in control and as you might be aware of the fact that the right side of the brain is responsible for creativity and imagination. That is probably the reason why we tend to have our eureka moment while showering.

Also, fact that the subconscious mind is the root of all ideas is also an important factor why we are able to think differently. Thus distraction from the external world makes the ground for the ideas to breed. As one says great ideas stem from the space between the inner world and the external world. So the external world acts as one of the biggest distraction for great ideas to come.

Thus, if you really wish to have some great ideas, the only technique is to no really push yourself to think about the topic. It will automatically come from the subconscious mind.

Why subconscious mind is a breeding ground for ideas is a question that you might be pondering about. So the answer to it is that our subconscious mind is able to discover the hidden patterns and connections between a lot of things making it possible to think differently.
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Author- Neha Wadhwa
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